Digital solutions to drive tangible musculoskeletal results

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We need a better way to deliver MSK care and training

Over 50% of all Americans experience MSK pain or injuries

Laborious & Subjective
Manual documentation with little instrumentation
Isolated & Inconsistent
Siloed by each facility and variable per each practitioner
Increasingly Expensive
The U.S. spends $110B annually with a growth rate 3x the GDP

Introducing IncludeHealth™

The first comprehensive digital musculoskeletal platform


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Why digitize your services?

Through our cloud-based platform, seamlessly connect people, products, services and facilities into one cohesive system.
Remove the manual burden of delivering quality care and performance with automatic guided sessions, detailed documentation, and generated reports.
Provide evidence-based data objectively captured and instantly available through any connected device to quantify and qualify health and performance.
Integrate all demographics, stakeholders, equipment and data sets to ensure a comprehensive, streamlined offering.

Our award-winning products breathe new life into musculoskeletal care & training to drive engagement, efficiency, and efficacy.

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