The right care, at the right time & place.

An agnostic MSK OS to deliver personalized, measured care.

Our Focus

A Hybrid Model

At IncludeHealth, we provide next-generation digital tools to support a seamless blend of onsite and remote musculoskeletal services. We believe technology should bridge these worlds together into one cohesive experience.

Our Platform

Key Foundational Pillars

High-access, low-cost MSK operating system enables onsite and remote delivery of personalized, measured care. We adhere to these founding principles.


Compatible with any device or equipment, at any location.


Autonomous guidance and documentation to alleviate administrative burdens.


Objectively quantify and qualify compliance and outcomes.


Connect with EMRs, platforms, and other devices.

Our Products


Web-based HIPAA compliant software to author digital protocols, deliver real-time instruction, collect outcomes-based data, automate documentation, and drive engagement.

Connected Movement


Personalized, measured care delivered on any device with real-time measuring of 16 joints. No additional hardware or software required.

Connected Equipment


Rechargeable sensors pair to battery-powered kiosks to breathe digital life into any equipment, regardless of make, manufacturer or type.

How it works

A seamless experience

Meticulously designed to connect the disconnected. We are focused on providing personalized services and objective data to drive the next level of health and performance.


Create personalized, digital protocols online quickly and easily.


Autonomously instruct clients and provide real time constructive feedback.


Passively cull objective outcomes-based data to verify engagement and compliance.


Review both individual and aggregate results to drive efficiencies and improve outcomes.

Partners & Accolades

Collaboration is key

Scientifically-backed, medically-driven, operationally-vetted, and internationally awarded. Our platform is the result of multi-year collaborations across multiple sectors of care to deliver a breakthrough in technology-enabled services.